What areas do you service?

We service the greater Asheville area, including Hendersonville and Flat Rock to the south, Black Mountain to the East, Canton and Waynesville to the west, and Mars Hill and Marshall to the North. Essentially, we service a 20-25 mile radius from Asheville.  




Port-A-Jon Rental:

How much notice should I give before an event to assure availability?

Festival Season runs from May 1 to October 31. If your event is during that time, we recommend reserving at least 2 months in advance. If it is during the rest of the year, we recommend reserving at least 1 month in advance. Does this mean that you can’t reserve units closer to the event date? If you need to reserve something last-minute, please call us; chances are good that we’ll have units available, but there’s no guarantee.

How long are your rental periods for?

Since most events and festivals happen on the weekends, we typically don’t rent units by the hour or by the day – instead, we rent by the weekend. Unless you must have delivery or pick-up on a Saturday or a Sunday, we drop off the unit the week before (on whichever day you choose) and pick it up the following Monday or Tuesday. Please keep in mind that drop off or pick-up on either Saturday or Sunday usually incurs additional fees, as we pay our drivers overtime to work on the weekends. For construction sites, we rent by the month. Depending on the conclusion of your project, we prorate any partial month’s rental/service after that first full month.

What do you recommend as a ratio of Port a Jons to attendees?

Typically, we recommend 1 unit for every 150 expected people at a festival/concert/etc and 1 unit for every 75 people at a wedding or similar event. Please keep in mind that when alcoholic beverages are served, the industry recommends approximately twice as many units. For construction job sites, the OSHA standards are 1 portajon cleaned once weekly for every 10 men working a 40-hour week.

I am having a long event or project, do you clean and service them? How often?

For multi-day festivals/events with large daily crowds, we do recommend servicing the units between days. This of course depends on the numbers of people anticipated and the number of units being provided. We recommend you call or email George Sieburg (828-575-2253 or ablerentajon@charter.net) to discuss your servicing needs. For construction site projects, since the OSHA standard is 1 portajon cleaned weekly for every 10 men working a 40-hour week, if you have more people on site, we always recommend either cleaning and servicing the unit twice a week or adding additional units.

If I need it serviced before that time is there an extra fee?

There is an extra fee for unscheduled service; that fee depends on when the servicing occurs. But please keep in mind that the additional fee is minimal compared to the health, well-being, and comfort of your guests and those attending a festival. Our 24-hour emergency service is there for just such an occasion.

Do you offer VIP toilets?

We offer a wide range of portable restroom facilities, from basic special event units to our double-bathroom VIP trailer. With our extensive connection with portable toilet providers throughout the Southeast, we can also secure multi-stall executive restroom trailers and other luxury portable restrooms.  



Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals:

What sizes do you offer?

Our dumpsters are 12 cubic yards. They are 12 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 4 feet tall. For easy loading, a hinged door swings open on the back end of the dumpster.

How do I figure out what size dumpster I need?

Our 12-yd. dumpsters are perfect for cleaning out basements, attics, trailers, and homes. How much a dumpster can hold largely depends on how efficiently it is packed. We recommend loading large pieces first and then packing around them with smaller pieces. Long, thin pieces of lumber, metal, and other scraps.

How much notice should I give to assure availability of Dumpsters?

Normally we can deliver dumpsters within 24 hours after ordering, however we always encourage our customers to order with as much advance notice as possible – especially if you have a certain window of time you need something delivered.

Are there additional fees for removing the trash?

We don’t load the dumpster for you because of liability reasons; our fee covers hauling the dumpster away when you call for it to be picked up.

Will it damage my driveway?

All of our containers have large metal wheels that help them roll. We do our best to keep those wheels oiled. However, please keep in mind steel containers can always scuff or mark pavement or concrete – particularly when they are full or overloaded. Our customers understand the risks involved in having a dumpster on their property. We try hard not to scuff up driveways.

What kinds of material are acceptable?

For the safety of our employees, hazardous materials (chemicals, biohazards, etc) are always forbidden in our dumpsters. Paint cans and tires are the only materials that we (i.e. the landfill) cannot accept. Large appliances and other electronics must be loaded on top, because the landfill only accepts these items at certain locations and on certain days.

If my job ends up bigger than I had planned can you empty and return the dumpster?

You can always order a “swap” on your dumpster, meaning that we’ll come and replace the full dumpster with an empty one. Keep in mind that doing so incurs additional fees. We are here to help take care of all your portable toilet and dumpster needs.




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